South Africa| Cage Diving with Great Whites 

March 2016.

To be face to face with a Great White Shark has long been on my bucket list. Cape Town is the ideal launch pad for such a trip. Great Whites are one of the most awe inspiring creatures on the planet and truly a sight to behold. South Africa is infamous for the Great Whites that patrol their Southwestern coastlines in search for Cape Fur Seals. Great Whites are surface feeders and the majority of their feeding takes place on the top of the water. South Africa has recorded the third most shark attacks since 1900 only behind Australia and the US. I had to take advantage of this opportunity and get in the water with one of the world’s top apex predators. 

 On the recommendation from a friend, I booked through a company called Shark Quests. The package included round-trip pickup from my house in Cape Town, breakfast and coffee at their headquarters before departure, and a fantastic experience at a fair rate. One of the primary reasons I booked through Shark Quests was their emphasis on smaller diving groups and therefore a more intimate experience. Other companies tend to overload their boats and put more of a precedent on making money versus providing an experience. To top it off, our guide was a charismatic and extremely knowledgeable native South African with over ten years of experience in the industry. Here’s some footage of the trip.

Being in the cage was one of the few times I’ve lamented not owning a GoPro, but thankfully it was an experience I will never forget. The sharks moved with speed and incredible grace for creatures of their vast size. I was close enough to see the glistening points of their teeth and the deep blackness of their eyes as they glided by. An ornery bull bumped his nose into the bars in front of me and provided me with a jolt of adrenaline that I’ll never forget. If you happen to be in Cape Town and shark cage diving is on your bucket list, Shark Quests is definitely the company for you.

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